Sharifah Izati (name has been changed to protect patient’s privacy) 54 years old

Case 1

I have a phobia of hospitals and drugs, and had let a cancerous lump burst in one of my breasts without realizing it was cancer in the first place. The doctors at TJF suspected it was cancer, and convinced me to talk to a specialist at a hospital and undergo a mastectomy. After my surgery I continued with homeopathic treatments and other alternative therapies at the TJF clinic. After two years of regular visits, I am now cancer free. I am happy with the treatments provided at TJF and would continue my treatments here to maintain my health.

Eyun Siew Yen, 67 years old  

Case 2

In December 2015 I had a mastectomy done on my right breast. Even though at first the specialist said I was lucky that the cancer was in early stages, I was called to go through chemotherapy by the oncologist. I refused as I have heard of the terrible side effects and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it. I already had a history of extreme giddiness and chemo would make it worse.  Then I learned about The Jasmin Foundation. The other Western medicine doctors I saw would tell me off for seeking alternative therapies. Friends and family are also not supportive and sceptical of homeopathy effectiveness. But I know my own body and my sons could see the difference in me after undergoing treatment at TJF.  I don’t wake up with giddiness and migraines like I used to prior to my diagnosis and my high blood pressure have stabilized too. I no longer need the medications I was previously on that I had taken for ten long years. It has been a truly positive experience for me as I have never felt stronger and better.

Zarina Kamal (name was changed to protect patient’s privacy) 34 years old

Case 3

After a very bad miscarriage and a couple of months on bed rest, I was depressed as was prescribed lots of painkillers to cope with extended bleeding. That was when I was recommended by a friend to go to TJF clinic for a treatment and I was given homeopathic remedies, traditional massage and cupping and was taught how to keep my body alkaline. After only a couple of months undergoing treatment at the clinic, I was back at the gym with more energy than ever. Consulting TJF for my post-natal needs was the best course of action and I am very happy with the service they provide. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative option to conventional medicine.

Norsham, 35 years old  

Case 4

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I underwent a transplant in 2014 and then proceeded with intensive chemotherapy. I was then recommended by Yayasan Darussalam to seek consult The Jasmin Foundation, while still on chemo. I have to say that the supplemental treatments I got at TJF most definitely helped me get through the harsh reality of chemotherapy. The side effects were significantly reduced with homeopathic remedies and other alternative therapies. I was also more motivated to change my lifestyle to a healthier one with diet and exercise with nutritional medicine. What I like about TJF is that they don’t make me strictly choose between conventional medicine and the treatment they provide. I have had other friends seeking homeopathic or traditional medicine and was told that the two cannot go well together, and were forced to choose between the two routes. I am now stronger than I was before and have managed to cut out processed food and high sugar content from my previous diet. TJF therapists are not just my doctors but also my trusted friends and confidantes. There have been a few negative reactions from friends and family regarding homeopathy, and I tell them that I cannot speak for others but I can speak for my own body and evidently this has worked for me. I am very happy with The Jasmin Foundation and would recommend them to anyone.

Ibrahim, 10 years old (As told by his mother)

Case 5

Ibrahim was only 5 years old when he started getting eczema and it got progressively bad as he got older. We took him to see several skin specialists and went through different courses of medications but nothing seemed to work. He became increasingly allergic to the family cat, to dust mites, and wasn’t able to join his cousins for fun weekend activities such as swimming or going to the beach, as we didn’t know what would cause his eczema to further flare up. He had also lost a lot of weight. It was very sad to hear a 9-year old boy say, “I don’t like my life”. We found out about The Jasmin Foundation through a friend and decided to give it a try after doing extensive reading on homeopathy. The treatment at TJF took 9 months. Admittedly it took a longer time to see the effects of the medication, supplements and treatments than usual conventional medicine, but it was worth it. His eczema is now completely cleared up and is able to participate in fun activities that he enjoys again. He’s gained weight and is back to his normal happy-self prior to his eczema years. We are very happy for what TJF was able to do for Ibrahim and recommends TJF to all our friends and family.

Datin Theresa (name was changed to protect patient’s privacy) 50 years old

Case 6

I went to TJF 6 months after having a lump removed from my breast, but I didn’t want to go through chemotherapy. Diagnostics showed I had blockages in my body even though I maintained a healthy diet and exercise regime. They suspected that a tooth that had undergone a root canal procedure was the main cause of remaining cancer cells and I also had blocked lymph nodes. I had the tooth removed after being persuaded by the doctors, and went for a series of lymph drainage massages. I had faith in the treatments I was going through and now, after a year, I am cancer-free.  Very glad I didn’t undergo chemotherapy that would have taken a lot out of my spirit.